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We are passionate about game development and strive to deliver the best. Our aim is to build games that is fun and exciting, and that all players will be able to enjoy.

Breen Origins

We are currently working on our first title called Breen Origins. Breen Origins aims to bring a fun experience to the FPS genre. It is a back to basics, boots on the ground game, where the only thing that matters is your skill and how you choose to use it. This is a multiplayer experience where players can play game modes like Gun Race, Team deathmatch, Capture the flag or Free-For-All Modes.

Breen Origins is built with Unity and will expand throughout the Early Access period.

"Never turn your back on a Breen." —Romulan maxim (DS9 episode: "By Inferno's Light")

Who We Are

We are a very small team of only 2 Indie Developers. We have Henry Breen who is the owner and the main developer, and PG Claasen who did some of the map designs.

Thank you to our testers

I want to give special thanks to our testers, as without them this wouldnt be possible.

  • Tommie Combrinck
  • Reginald Small
  • Duncan Breen

Our Gallery

Screenshots from Breen Origins gameplay

Our Events

Here is a list of our planned events.

1 May 2019
Steam Store

Steam Store

The steam store is finally live. It can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

1 June 2019
Open Testing

Public Testing

We will proceed with public testing beginning of June 2019. Requests to participate can be sent to

1 July 2019
Early Access

Early Access

Our planned Early Access release date is 1 July 2019.


Good or bad, we want to be transparent. Feedback will be posted here.

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us for any queries. For game support you can e-mail us but best route will be to use the steam bugs report discussions Steam Bug Reports